Grey Marbles

Gray marble is an ideal option for interior and exterior spaces that seek a gentle differentiation through peaceful and distinguished tones. Through a chromatic range that encompasses serenity and distinction, the grey marble is able to set trends and vanguard.


Grey Marbles

Alaska Grey

Sprezzatura tenor of your space with in-house processing.

Grey Feather

Shade that wraps up with nothing but positive energy.

Grey Emprador

A rush of gusto filled with excitement and fervour.

Grey Chigen

Blend of opulence and balance

Grey Carnico

The sheer contiguity of grey and icy white veins lends a striking appearance.

Grey Bardiglio

The stone that witter the contemporary mood of the space.

Graffito Grey

Elegant stone with self design mosaic pattern.

Golden Classic Grey

Embellish decor with a capricious and undeniable style.

Fior Di Pasco

Perfect balance of texture and hues.

Champangne Grey

A beautiful color of grey that gives away a feeling of certain calm and stability.

Athens Grey

The amalgamation of the abstract motif and grey shade.

Pietra Grey

Preferred natural stone for those looking for timeless elegance.

Opera Grey

Ocean Grey

A visual feast with its notable intense color.

Grey William

A metamorphosis of grey, frozen in a frame.

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